Californian visual artist living and working in Mexico City.

My Work

In my work urban mayhem,boisterous laughter, and nostalgic innocence come together to delineate anabstract landscape stitched together by a mix of materials and approaches tomark making. Through images I try to reconcile for a fragmented colonized self,wherein manic social media visual consumption functions as a mirror. In art I insistto give form to this dissolution through kaleidoscopic gestural analysis and arevealing of deep-rooted awkwardness that keeps us censored even fromourselves. Finding stillness in the shadow of imminent menace within theprocess of painting and drawing I return to my childhood; Lisa Frank notebooks where unicorns might actually rule the earth.

Over the past few years I have been focused on abstraction. A journey inspired by a personal need to deconstruct my way of seeing and my approach to art making. I realized that my visual formation was so heavily rooted in photographic language (photo, cinema, mass media)  that my painting was limited. Through a decolonial lense I analyzed and confronted my artistic production largely leaving figurative representation behind and delving into abstraction in order to reveal/discover my authentic voice. My creative process is a mixture of gestural explosion and intense observation, always in search of rhythm and tension.


Born in San Diego, California (1985), Jessi studied an undergraduate degree in Painting at San Diego State University. Upon completing her degree and an important solo exhibition in Tijuana she moved south of the border in 2009 to learn Spanish and during that time explore feminist visual theory. After four years of living and producing in Tijuana Jessi moved to Mexico City for a Master's in Painting at the Antigua Academia de San Carlos in the FAD/UNAM where she recieved her degree in 2019. Her work in Mexico City has seen a great transformation from a figuritive focus to a completely abstract one.

She has completed residencies abroad in both Berlin and London and exhibited in the USA, Mexico, and Germany.

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